Monday, June 29, 2009

Life Getting Back To Normal

I know its been forever since i have written, i guess im not a consistant blogger. Life is getting back to normal now. Break up was SLOW but work is picking up in grande prairie and everything seems soooo much better. Dwayne is now busy at work, kinda wish i had my car back but oh well. My dayhome is full for the summer anyway. Which is great, i love being able to be home with my kids and still pay bills. In fact i make more money this way than if i was to go back to work. Not to mention i dont want to miss out on anything. So thankfully money is no longer a worry, and im so glad too. Life is too short to have to worry about stuff like money. Our savings account is back where it was before the slow time, mind you a little chunk of the savings was spent on a boat but that too has been replaced. We also have been doing some quiet house hunting. The house we are in right now, altho its great, we are looking for something of our own. We weren't sure that we would be approved because we still own a mobile home in clairmont, which we are renting out. But seeing that our renters have been consistant with paying thier rent, the bank has giving us a new mortgage!!!! We now are the owners of a really great house!!! We get possesion Aug 1st!!! Whats really great and sad at the same time is that the mortgage payment is significantly less than the rent we pay now!!! Not to mention that the heating and electricity should be lower too being that this is an older house and the windows leak and such. The new house is less than 2 yrs old so there will be soooooo much less maintenance.
Anyway, back on the subject of wieght loss since that is what this blog is for. Process has been slow but im still losing. seems to be about 2 lbs every two weeks. which i think is still great as long as that number keeps getting smaller im happy! Altho once moved into the new house, i definetly need to get back to work. My weight training has been staggered, and not very consistant. Snacking and pop have kinda moved back in, but as of today diet is back on and im again posting in my log book. I thought that i would be able to keep the diet up with out tthe log book but its harder than i thought. In the past months i have lost almost 25 lbs and im very happy with that, altho according to my trainer it should have been more. But in my eyes, everything in life isn't always going to go as planned. Some things take longer than expected. Its just sad that it doesn't take very long to put the weight on but takes sooooo long to take it off. Anyway i am going to try to get back on track. Working out, eating right and blogging more!!!