Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ugh Day 4

Man i would have thought that by now my muscles would be not as sore, clearly that is not so. I have been changing up my workout every day. Sometimes treadmill and elliptical, sometimes bike and treadmill. Also im becoming a lot more comfortable with all the other equipment in the gym. Instead of being scared of it, its actually a lot of fun. But my legs, arms and abs soooooo do not agree, i just got back an hour ago and my arms and legs are still like jello. I only do three days a week weight training, so they get a break in between. I also have noticed that my stamina for cardio is improving. It takes longer for my muscles to start to burn, so im going to start adding more incline and resistance. I want my body to be challenged, my workouts shouldn't be easy. Its funny, i was scared shitless to start at the gym, and now im realizing that my only fear was trying. Now that im going i love it. I hated that i gained back some weight when i wasn't working out. Its really scary how fast it goes back on when you dont take care of yourself. My weight starting out again was 210 and already in 4 days i have lost 2 lbs. Im really happy about it. A set back just makes you realize how hard i have to work and how easy it will be for me to fall off. Im not a quitter, and im not going to quit this.

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