Monday, November 23, 2009

4 Pounds Down!!

Well i am down 4 lbs!!! Doesn't sound like a lot when its written on here but i know its a good start. Who ever would have thought this journey would be soooo hard. Seems like i have ups and downs every day. With life being busy, its sooo easy to get off track. A normal monday: up at 7 kids up eating breakfast, getting kearstin ready for school, first kid shows up 730. kearstin off to school at 8, depending on the day i have anywhere from 4 to 7 kids that i watch. so between kids, laundry, lunch, cleaning, and anything else in my house that needs to get done that often doesn't, kids start going home at 4 and kearstin is off the bus at 4 too. she sits and does homework and i struggle to help her. (so much has changed with the new math ciriculum its crazy) make supper, all kids gone by 5, eat supper, get kids cleaned up, dishes and kitchen tidy, kearstin ready for tkd, leave for tkd at 630 home 830, kids washed, pjs ready for bed, 9 is gym time home between 1030 and 11. then i shower and go to bed. somewhere in that time i have to eat and count calories its tough. altho when my husband is home i definetly have help which is great but sometimes i feel i just have a third kid. Not all the days of the week are that busy tho. Im not totally crazy. just mondays and wednesdays.

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