Thursday, December 17, 2009

Computer Down

Well my computer is finally up and working. I had a nasty virus which took me some time to get rid of. Chances are i picked up this virus on facebook! Who knows! Anyway, my computer was down for awhile and once my hard drive was reformated, i then found out that i didn't remember the address for this site as i was always able to access it from my favorites before. Anyway no excuses. I have been still able to keep on track for the most part, this time of year is always hard on me. I love christmas too much and really enjoy holiday treats. I did want to make at least one post before i leave. In 4 more sleeps my family and i are on a plane heading to Florida!!! We are very excited! I am going to miss all the normal holiday tradition, its been kinda sad not to set up my tree! But i just tell myself its only one year!! And how often will my kids get christmas dinner with winnie the pooh!!!! i think next year i will be making the trip to my grammas house for xmas. Its been far toooo many years since i spent Christmas with that part of my family. I got the pleasure to spend easter with them last year. This year, after this trip i wont make it there for easter. The Budget just wont allow it so im going to make plans for christmas!! I have fond memories of my grandparents house at christmas!! Altho my grandpa is no longer with us, things wont be the same without him.

Anyway, holidays have kind of thrown me off and im sure florida wont help either so as soon as i get back its back to the gym!!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!!

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