Monday, December 13, 2010


I can not believe it is less then 2 weeks till Xmas!!!  Seems not that long ago, everyone was chirping about early commercials and decorations.  My kids have started the question every morning " how many sleeps till Christmas mom???"  This is the first year that Hay is excited about Xmas.  I don't think he fully understands, but if you ask him what Santa does he says brings toys and puts them under our tree.  He sat on Santa's lap this year, no crying.  Whispered really softly that he wanted a choo choo train lol.  Didn't smile for the picture, but was cute anyway.  Kearstin has informed me this year that she doesn't believe in Santa.  I have been suspicious that she was a non believer for a few years now, but i think she was scared that "Santa wouldn't come"  if she told me that he wasn't real.  now i think she knows we have to keep up the ruse for Hayden so shes safe for a few more years lol.  We are spending Christmas at home this year.  We have moved into our almost dream house and we are really excited about having Christmas here.  I always miss my family at this time of year tho.  With Dwayne's job its hard for us to go elsewhere as he only usually has a few days off.  This year he was supposed to be on call, so we decided to stay home.  Turns out rotation was changed and now he has it off.  Which is great but that just means it will be a few years before he has it off again.  If we had known earlier, we might have made plans to go to my grandma's for Christmas.  Guess we will have to plan for Easter again instead.  With any luck, Kearstin's tae kwon do tournament will be there that weekend again.

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