Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 1

Fact 1  - I would do anything for my Family!!

Fact 2  - I talk to my sister stupid amounts on the phone

Fact 3  - I haven't had my original hair color in YEARS!

Fact 4  - I love hot sauce, i put it on everything!!

Fact 5  - I wish things with certain members of my family ended up different then they are.

Fact 6  - I tend to put others before myself always

Fact 7  - I'm pretty happy with my life right now.

Fact 8  - I HATE socks and shoes for that matter, if it didn't snow here i would always wear flip flops

Fact 9  - Wishes my husband didn't have to work so much

Fact 10  - I dont have many good friends but the few i have are really GREAT!!

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