Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 2!!!

I always told myself that quiting smoking would be the hardest thing i would ever have to do but boy was i wrong. Yesterday just getting my meal plan, i thought well this isn't going to be too bad. Although today i realized that to jump start my metabolizm i have to eat more often and more of some things and less of others. The diet is going ok so far. I am going to miss my night time snacking tho. Today i met with Janine for the fitness part of my training. WOW, she kicked my butt. I knew that i was out of shape but man after the first day my body feels like a tractor ran me over. She assures me that this is only temporary and that as i get stronger, my body wont hurt as much. I know this is true, but damn my legs feel like jello and my muscles are aching. But tomorrow im going to get up and do it all again. 30 minutes of total body workout and 30 minutes of Cardio on my treadmill three times a week and 1 hour of cardio the rest of the week. Janine is optimistic that i will have lost at least 2.5 pounds by Sat, ill believe that when i see it lol. One thing i thought of while my legs felt as tho they were going to give out, was Kearstin and Hayden. I want nothing more that to be able to run around with them. They are my inspiration and my motivation.

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