Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Weigh In

Well conflicting schedules resulted in a phone weigh in. Janine ended up having her self double booked for the weekend which was fine. So with her on the phone, I jumped on the scale. I was scared out of my mind and extremely nervous. Definetly not how i expected to feel. But to my relief, I am down 4.2 lbs in ONE week!!!!! I felt great! Janine explained that the first few weeks might be numbers like that but after a while it will slow down and ill have to work harder for the same weight loss. Now I have shocked my body, its not used to exercising and eating right.
Last night was fight night, which usually comes beer and chips and numerous other snacks. I restrained myself and didn't give into the temptation of chips (my weakness). I did my workout, had my protein shake, and had my alloted 100 cal snack. Not to mention that Janine told me about diet gingerale, and diet orange crush which are sweetened with splenda not aspartane. They do still have sodium in them so you still shouldn't drink them all the time, but as an occasional treat they are great. So the UFC fight night wasn't as horrible as i thought it was going to be.
Today we went and checked out the Home Show at the tech centre. Entered our names in some draws. Would sure love to win the 15000 dollars worth of backyard furniture and stuff!!!
But again temptation followed, the tech centre was full of smells, mini donuts, popcorn, poutine, burgers. We drank our bottles of water, skipped the aisle with the mini donuts and walked right by the consession. Was HARD, but we managed. I think having a good weigh in was what helped me stay away from the junk.


  1. Way to go! Mini-donuts and fudge are a huge challenge for me, but I reassure myself that they're not going to stop making them any time soon and another time would be healthier than right now.

  2. Absolutly, i dont always have to walk away from "bad" food i just have to now. when im healthy, i can plan a cheat every now and then and it wont be a set back!!!