Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feeling better!!

Well yesterday was a little better than the day before. The exercise is going great my muscles are not as sore. Which makes actually starting the work out way easier. Im getting quicker on the treadmill too which is good. But half way thru, my calves are still on fire. The weight training is going good, i can go thru the circuit much faster than the first time. So tonight I am going to do the circuit twice and see how that goes. Dwayne and i did our work out together last night. That was very nice, lightened the mood for sure. I enjoy his company so much and its few and far between to have moments together without our kids. Its so refreshing to know that i have his support thru all of this. Knowing that hes going thru it too kind of eases my mind.

Im still struggling with the high protein diet. I've been doing a lot of researching about it online and it definetly has its pros and cons. Long term can be harmful to your kidneys and other organs. Thankfully i will only be on it for 3 months. That will be the fat shredding portion of this weight loss. But on the good side, high protein diets help turn fat into lean muscle mass. Which is exactly what i want, so they tell me anyway. As i lose weight my protein intake decreases along with my calorie intake until i can be changed to a healthy Maintenance diet. Thats what im looking forward to, not having to lose weight but just to stay healthy. I want my kids and us to be healthy. But eating this much protein is hard, so i went to walmart and bought protein powder to make protein shakes. Mixed with fruit they aren't half bad but not so great by themselves. Altho it beats plain eggwhites all the time lol.

Saturday is my first weigh in, i'm scared but know that i have been doing my workout and following the meal plan pretty good so every thing should be fine. Janine tells me that 1-2 pounds a week is about average. At 215, i have a very long road ahead of me. I'm excited tho, i cant wait to start seeing results!!!

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