Friday, March 6, 2009

Trip To The ER

Well just when i thought every thing was going good, i felt a cold sore coming on. My dr had prescribed valtrax for them and told me when i feel one coming out to take two and then two more 12 hrs later. Well i took 2 and went to bed and woke up at five am with itchy swollen feet and hands. I went to the emergency room and found that i would need my wedding rings cut off or i would lose my finger. So finally the nurse was able to use the BONE CUTTERS and get them off. They gave me prednisone and something else that has made me sick to my stomach and Very tired. But on the good side of things, i still have my finger. Monday i will take my wedding rings to the jeweller and see if they are fixable. It is the first time in 15 mths that i have had them off.
So for the diet, i haven't been able to eat much because of the nausea. Toast and crackers so hopefully it wont slow me down to much. Its lunch and im feeling a little better, im gonna nap with the kids and then hopefully get the rest of the day back to normal. Will only be doing my cardio tonight as my body is far to tired to be doing weights. My first weigh in with Janine is first thing in the morning, im scared because today was a set back but am optimistic that i have worked hard all week and praying that it will pay off. Wish Me Luck!!!

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