Thursday, March 12, 2009

week 2

This week is going ok. My body is a little tired but thats too be expected. Im noticing that when i run upstairs i dont feel as winded. So i guess my air intake is getting better. Im hoping that the exercise will help my asthma. The past year has been rough. My allergies and asthma were not as bad when i was younger and in better shape.

Diet wise, has been great my body is adjusting to the protein intake and soon my calorie intake should decrease. Last night i ran for 30 minutes and then went thru my circuit training twice. Man that was rough. My legs felt like bananas, soft and mushy. But one thing is for sure, i SLEEP 100 times sounder lol. Too bad Hayden hasn't been running too lol. He is on his second round of teething and boy hes GROUCHY!!! Hopefully the little biter comes thru soon so we can all get some sleep. He and i were up from 330 am til 6am and i had to be up at 7am. I did find some natural teething stuff at the health food store. Its called Camilia and its amazing. Works way faster than tylenol and doesn't dope him up. The first tooth took about a week and it came out, im hoping this one is a little faster. My poor little baby.

Well i was curious this morning so i jumped on my scale. I wanted to make sure that things were still going as i hoped they were. I have my second weigh in with Janine on friday. So the number today was 208.4, I wanted to jump up and down. 7 pounds, its amazing and i cant figure out why i didn't start this sooner. We are going to DisneyWorld for Christmas this year, it was our present to the kids. We have it booked early because we got an amazing seat sale. Regular price out of GP was 1505 per person return. We paid 525 per person return. Hayden is still free so that helps a little. My sister in law owns a timeshare, that is what we are going to stay in. Its beautiful and i cant wait. By then im hoping to have peace of mind that my bathing suit wont look horrible. I want to be able to play on the beach with my kids and not have to be completely covered. Im not asking for a bikini body lol but feeling comfortable in a one piece would be great.

My trip south is approching fast, and im hoping the weather is going to cooperate. Its been a VERY long time since i seen some of my family. Its no ones fault but mine. I went thru a bad time in my life. I left a very troubled and bad relationship. I dealt with this by running away. Mind you i met my AMAZING husband here so it wasn't all bad. But i distanced my self from the ones i love the most. I miss them all terribly. But now my life is good, and i am not ashamed of things now. Im proud of what i have accomplished. I put myself thru school, and graduated with high honors. i have two beautiful and amazing kids, and a wonderful husband who is supportive. I may have dealt with things in a not so great way but it worked out in the end. Im excited to see everyone and excited for them to meet my son. Hes a great kid!! And some of my family hasn't seen Kearstin since she was small. Now shes 8 going on 15, but overall shes a great girl. Very funny, and consious of others. Her smile is beautiful.

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