Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well this last week has been crazy! Dwayne recieved a pay cut from his salary, so we are scrambling to sell my car to make up the difference. Stress is hindering when your trying to lose weight!! But, i think i have been handling it pretty good. My diet got kinda off track, not eating bad, just not following as closely as i should have been. It showed in the numbers too. I didn't gain but i sure wasn't losing as good as i was at the start. So this week im back on track!! I have been still working out every day, ive even added some extra exercises to the mix. Although i need to find a better skipping rope, the one i bought is not very good! Ive been doing my ab workout on the yoga ball instead of just on the floor and man is it ever a difference. I can feel a lot more of my muscles being challanged. Not just in my abs, in my back and sides too!! Saturday is another weigh in, and also time to upgrade my measurements. Myself, i dont see much of a difference. 10 pounds is great but i dont believe it makes much difference in inches but i like to be proved wrong. My husband said " You look skinnier today!" and coming from my husband who isn't much of a complimenter that feels great! The actual weight loss is slow, but my body feels so much better already. My breathing has improved and movement too. I have more energy during the day and feel less tired.

Oh and 16 more days til my trip south!!! Im so excited!!!

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