Friday, March 20, 2009

I know its been awhile since i posted last. The last week has been going good, minus my laptop crashing. Im hoping that when i leave for easter that my dad will have a chance to fix it. Somehow i recieved a virus on it and its affecting the booting up process. I have formatted the harddrive twice and no luck. I would hate to have to buy a new laptop, because i have only had this one for a short time. But now im on Kearstins laptop, only problem is that i have the parental controls so high that its a pain to get on any site unless i wanted to play on

This week has been going well, the diet is still going. I bought the Biggest Loser Cookbook, i needed to find some new recipes because i was tired of eating the same thing over and over. Yesterday i whipped up a pot of turkey chili, and it was awesome. Not as great as regular chili but still really tasty. I made enough to freeze some so ill have some for awhile as no one else here eats chili. Last night for supper i made meatballs subs for Dwayne and i. The were messy but really good and only 384 calories. I was finding it really hard to eat all the protein and 2000 calories was really high so i am following the diet plan in the biggest loser book. Less Calories but roughly the same plan.

Exercise is going really good. I feel great, only my back has been really sore the past few days. I blame the back pain on my heavy chest. Once i have lost some more weight i will be going for a reduction. Im tired of my back and shoulders being sore, paying 85 dollars for a bra, and having trouble all the time finding shirts that fit proper. Everything that fits my bust never fits anywhere else. Some women lose thiers when they have kids, not me. With Kearstin they got bigger and stayed that way. With Hayden they got bigger again and stayed that way. A 40E is way to big, and i dont understand women that get implants. Why on earth would you need them THIS BIG!!! But back to what i started talking about, the exercise is good. My stamina is getting way better and i can do longer stints on the treadmill and faster too. I feel great when i work out and right away if i miss a day i feel sluggish and tired. Im happy with the way things are going.

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