Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Month 2

Well i made my month one goal of 10 pounds, i was positive i would have lost more just on the first week itself. After the first week it slowly decrease and im having to really push myself now for results. Im definetly not discouraged tho, ten pounds is great and 5.5 more and ill be under 200 lbs and thats awesome. I will jump for joy when i hit that milestone and don't ever want to return to that. I took a few days off from my workout, my body needed the rest. But now today i feel better, Hayden sleeping thru the night may have something to do with that. I am bumping up my cardio from 30 minutes to 45. Im sure my calves will hate me later but im working up to an hour so its been long enough. Weight training is going great the weights dont feel as heavy so its almost time to bump that up too. Altho im not body building so i am not going higher than 15 lbs. I bought some resistance tubing and its great. Gives the same effect as the weights and can be used together to make it more of a challenge. And did i tell everyone how much i hate squats, my poor butt hurt so much the next day.

Well its been a busy week again, trying to get some spring cleaning done before my trip. Its been tough with Hayden being sick. Poor little guy has a pretty nasty cold despite all the oranges him and his dad consume. His nose is runny and he cant seem to breath out of his nose. He has a pretty nasty cough too, and it makes me sad i cant do much to help him. I did find some triaminic nasal spray for infants and it really helped him sleep last night so that was great. He went right from teething to being sick so his sleeping hasn't been great.

Between that and the stress of Kearstin not coming home from school for 4 days in a row has taken a toll. She seems to think that playing in the park and not coming home isn't a big deal. But i have tryed and tryed to get thru to her that i worry. I sit here hoping shes at the park but the idea of her getting picked up by a stranger isn't far from my mind. That is one of my biggest fears of her getting older. Did I teach her enough about strangers? Would she go near a vehicle asking her to get in? Would she know what to do if the situation did happen? I guess i just have to keep stressing how important it is that i know where she is at all times. AHHHHH GIRLSSSSSSS!!!!! I know i know i was a young girl that didn't want to listen to my parents too. But hopefully i can use my mistakes to better educate her and thats all i want. I just want her to have and do things i couldn't.

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