Monday, March 2, 2009


I guess i had no idea how much i really was going to hurt today. It was hard to get out of bed but here i am. Today so far consisted of fibre plus waffle and strawberries, and turkey bacon which i can tell you would be great if you weren't a small town country girl like me. Bacon is supposed to be pork and come from a slab but once im down in weight my meal plan changes and REAL bacon can be added again. Snack was 1 cup of cottage cheese, blahhhhh not a real fan of cottage cheese but mixed with fruit i was able to swallow it. Lunch was a salad, with tomatoe and chicken which was great but being on a high protien diet for the first few months is crazy. But if it works i guess its worth it. After supper i have to run Kearstin to taekwon do, and then pick up wieghts, an exercise ball, and a yoga mat. Luckily thats all i have to purchase to do my workout. I have the treadmill already which hasn't been used often unfortunatly. Better late than never lol. As for the soreness, a hot shower helped tremendously. I'm sure once i work out tonight it will loosen them up some more. Mind you i keep in my mind that i will never hurt as much as my hubby will tomorrow lol. He is supporting my weighloss with one of his own. My personal trainer, Janine, runs a Bootcamp. My strong willed hubby was up at 5 am so that he could attend this bootcamp at 6am. He came home very flushed and tired. When i think of my 30 minute workout is nothing compared to the 1 hour of HARD circuit training that he went thru this morning. We have both decided that we love our kids too much to be over weight and lazy. Our kids deserve parents that will play with them and just be alive. Janine informed me that because i carry most of my weight in my chest and stomach i am at huge risk for heart disease. At only 25, im just starting my life. I couldn't believe that i was at risk of having a heart attack. That just made it more clear to me that my husband and i have to do something to save our lives. My Aunt sent me a message the other day and it was extremely motivating and inspirational!! "develop compassion for ourselves...begin to understand that our eating comes from a deep sacred place within us. You are not using food because you lack control, are undisciplined, or are flawed, but because it is the only way you can take care of yourself...learn new ways to take care of yourself." And that is exactly what i plan to do!!!

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